Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 11 - Robert Featherstone Greathead

. Robert Featherstone Greathead married Elizabeth Hoskins in 1807. Their children were Harriett, Featherstone and Elizabeth. Featherstone travelled the country as an Excise man. The family later settled around the London area. His grandson Alfred was a musical agent and for some reason changed his surname to Montgomery. His children also took the name, many however continued to use Greathead as either a middle name of hyphen it as a surname. They appeared to be quite artistic. One of his sons emigrated to South Africa where his descendents remain

Bruce C. Greathead
Suzanne M. Wigmore
Michael R. Greathead
Richard C. Greathead
Robert B. Greathead
Kim Greathead
Laraine R. Thresher
Frank R. Kinslay
Robert J. Kinslay
Ann S. Pashley
Beth S. Coombes
Phoebe R. Coombes
Ann-Marie Kinslay
Neil R. J. Everett
Emma L. Everett
Alex J. Everett
Bruce R. Coombes
Marc A. Coombes
Nicola J. Wilks
Jack R. Coombes
Amy R. Coombes
Shaun P. Coombes
Claire Harding
Tobias R. Coombes
Denise R. Greathead
Ronald V. Morgan
Tracey-Ann Morgan
Kerry J. Morgan
Christopher Austin
Wayne V. G. Morgan
Cameron T. G. Morgan
Connor R. Morgan
Collette A. Greathead
Phillip Worvill
William B. Bevan
Patricia L. Fuller
Denis Brookes
Deborah J. Brookes
Simon D. Brookes
Leslie A. Fuller
Geoffrey Fuller
Valerie L. Still
William J. A. Cullen
Leigh T. Cullen
Bai Baoyun
Sean A. Cullen
Moira M. Reid
Abigail M. Cullen
Pauline M. V. Still
Lawrence Panatera
Donna Panatera
Lawrence Panatera
Valerie Panatera
Kimberley Panatera
Wendy S. T. Still
Thomas Farmer
James Farmer
Thomas Farmer
Therese Farmer
Sylvia Williams
Neil W. Greathead
Gillian C. Green
Thomas W. Greathead
Kevin J. Greathead
Carole J. Maddison
Olga J. Day
Julie O. Greathead
Stephen Everitt
Luke S. Everitt
Stephen F. Gardner
Faye Gardner
Carl R. Greathead
Helen Hinton
Jason J. P. Greathead
Joanne Greathead
Peter C. Greathead
Maxine S. ...
Charles T. Greathead
Debra L. Fuller
Aaron W. Greathead
Alexander T. Greathead
Audrey W. Wint
Jamie A. Greathead-Wint
Sarah-Jane W. Rowland
Thomas N. Greathead Wint
Benjamin M. Greathead
Leonard V. Greathead
Gladys M. Wills
Carol A. Greathead
Janet J. Greathead
Anthony A. Tucker
Daphne R. Greathead
John T. Greathead
Karen L. Wilson
Mike Tatum
Luke Tatum
Carie Tatum
Angel Santos-Ruiz
Anthony Santos-Ruiz
Abigail Santos-Ruiz
Sandra R. Wilson
Brian Gouker
Brian Z. Gouker
Emma Gouker
Alex Gouker
Lynette Gouker
P J. Mattiacci
Alessa Mattiacci
Dean Mattiacci
Nicole Mattiacci
Christopher Gouker
Brooke Clyde
Sarah E. Gouker
Steven Farina
Amanda J. Wilson
Ian J. Davies
Tarnya M. Davies
Ryan J. Davies
Sean R. Davies
Yasmin J. Davies
Thomas G. R. Greathead
Jacqueline Greathead
Mark Farley
Gemma L. Greathead
Warren S. Humphrey
Leilan N. Humphrey
Douglas Ward
Dean R. S. Ward
Evie Ward
Ethan Ward
Mark Ralph
Elle A. Ralph
Teresa M. Greathead
Carl P. Mapes
Shona J. Mapes
Jeff Hoskins
Leanne R. Mapes
Christopher Shepherd
Effie Maples
Rhys Compton
Ashley B. Compton
Julie Greathead
Geoffrey Cornwall
Francesca R. Cornwall
Rose M. Greathead
Robert Butler
Stephen R. Butler
Susan J. Butler
Sarah L. Butler
Sandra E. Palmer
Marjorie G. Cobb
Jill Greathead
David Greathead
Frank Greathead
Lisa Greathead
Jennifer S. M. Cattle
Timothy J. C. Cattle
Mary-Jane Gott
Rachel Cattle
Marilyn P. Smith
Jacqueline M. Campbell
Jean Baum
Rex Blakesley
Marion Baum
John A. Spencer
Keith W. J. Sankey
John M. H. Sankey
Sharlene J. Mitchell
Shawn D. G. Sankey
Nicola J. Sankey
Birgit Mohr
Nicholas Sankey
Helga ...
Celia Peters
Christopher E. H. Sankey
Patricia A. Brooke
Julia E. Sankey
Gary A. Trotter
Annabel B. Sankey
Ben L. Sankey
Zuleika C. E. Sankey
Robert G. A. Sankey
Sandra E. Hanks
Kathryn M. Riley
Eleanor M. Sankey
Alexander F. H. Sankey
Jean R. Jackson
Diana J. Roberts
Clarence J. Moore
Kevin Moore
Amanda Moore
Adam L. Morris
Rebekah E. Morris
Sean Arnold
Pandora E. J. Arnold
Kezia R. Morris
Elizabeth L. Morris
Alan Moore
Jennifer Montgomery
... Phillips
David R. Langley
Sara L. Langley
Stephen Canagon
Georgia A. Canagon
Gabrielle Canagon
Alison C. Langley
John A. G. Hebditch
Chloe R. Hebditch
Thomas D. J. Hebditch
Kate E. Langley
Mark Baldock
Charles D. V. Baldock
Alfie S. V. Baldock
Quentin Summers
Quentin W. Summers
Athalie Labuschagne
Amanda J. Montgomery
Phillip Alberts
Marc Montgomery
Alan D. Montgomery
Wendy P. Chapman
Beverley A. Montgomery
Jeanette B. Pollak
Ilia Kliger
Isabelle Kliger
Elizabeth A. Pollak
Ian D. McConachie
Emma R. McConachie
David E. McConachie
Susan Eades
Jean F. Lowry
James C. Greathead
Sandy Davidson
Eric Davidson
Kelly ...
Matthew Davidson
Chelsea ...
Jana Davidson
Mike ...
Mark A. Greathead
Patricia L. Greathead
John E. Greathead
Nancy M. Johnson
Michael J. Greathead
John E. Greathead
Shannon Leroux
Troy Greathead
Kamryn L. Greathead
Carole A. B. Greathead
Marilyn Grey
Sharon Grey
Fred Grey
Catherine Grey
John H. Prankard
Barbara Mabee
William Prankard
Gwendolyn Rowe
Robert F. Prankard
Ruth Laramore
Anne Grey
Mary L. McDonald
Diane . G. McDonald
Bruce R. Smith
Randy D. Smith
Teena D. Nossey
Jacob M. Smith
Austin H. Smith
Bruce R. Smith
Douglas J. McDonald
June M. Powell
Erin M. McDonald
Christopher G. McDonald
Claire R. Grimard
Katelyn E. McDonald
Emily M. McDonald
George V. McDonald
Patricia P. Parasuik
Sarah A. McDonald
Allyson T. McDonald
David Short
Vivian M. Short
Patrick M. Short
Matthew McDonald
Elizabeth J. Gray
Douglas P. Grey
Daniel V. Grey
Frances D. Sloane
Oric A. Grey
Julie Belair
Ethan R. D. Grey
Kailey D. Grey
Sherri Jacobs
Avery K. Grey
Jacob K. Grey
Sloane D. Grey
Robert A. Grey
Patricia A. Grey
Michael F. Fortier
Norma R. Grey
James K. McCreight
Constance McCreight
Gregory W. Finck
Carolyn M. Mecham
Kristie J. Finck
Robert E. Gluckhertz
Nancy L. Bennett
Daniel W. Campbell
Daniel O. Campbell
Paula J. Campbell
Martin W. Collins
Cindy J. Bennett
Cliff Thompson
Jody L. Bennett
William J. H. Wright
Charles E. A. Wright
Anthea R. T. Wright
Daniel P. Meier
Deborah Meier
Sonia Meier
Delia A. Meier
Daniel E. R. Meier
Judith T. Wright
Alan J. Foster
Kate Foster
Adam Foster
Susan Peck
Cheryl Peck
Anthony Peck
Pamela J. A. Chick
Douglas A. James
Stephen D. James
Sarah J. James
Stuart R. James
George Kingham
Unknown Gender
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