Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 17 - Thomas Greathead

. Thomas Greathead born around 1711 married Mary Lee in 1736. They had one son who died in infancy and four daughters. The Greathead line is continued through one of their daughter, Martha's illegitimate son William born 1766. Some of the descendents of this line emigrated to Canada

Paul E. R. Willson
Ann L. M. Curnow
Kevin P. Willson
Sally A. Willson
Glen G. Willson
Evelyn R. Willson
Philip A. Parker
Eric A. Parker
Oliver E. Parker
Brain D. Willson
Cynthia E. M. Greathead
Thomas Golden
Roberta E. Greathead
John Heginbottom
Joan Icely
John C. Hunt
Elaine Hunt
John B. Hunt
Christopher R. Hunt
Deborah Hunt
John P. Icely
Roy P. Icely
Grace J. Kelly
Peter D. Icely
Andrew W. Icely
Tina M. Noble
Jennifer E. Icely
Brandon W. Icely
Beverley A. Icely
Stephen R. Icely
Simon E. Icely
Elizabeth A. Crowhurst
Karen D. Greathead
David Slater
Rebecca V. Slater
Alexis E. Slater
Vincent P. Aiello
Charlotte L. Aiello
Melvin A. Greathead
Lorraine Knight
Jordan C. Greathead
Kayla Owen
Naomi Eades-Cornall
Jorge A. Greathead
Jude E. Greathead
Melissa M. Greathead
Imogen B. Greathead
Collette Nicholls
Kieron W. Nicholls
Westley L. Thomason
Joan B. Loveman
Margaret Beswick
Aaron D. Thomason
Carole A. Greathead
David C. Mitchell
Warren D. Mitchell
Jason L. Mitchell
Ann Douglas
Isla M. Mitchell
Lorraine M. Greathead
Jack Mitchell
Michael J. Mitchell
Stephen A. Mitchell
Mark R. Mitchell
Philip L. Greathead
Peter J. Greathead
Catherine C. Greathead
David J. Bolton
Carole A. Miller
Robert S. Greathead
Maria C. Noli
Michael J. N. Greathead
Scott Greathead
... McCool
Leo B. Greathead
Heidi E. Greathead
Nicola J. Greathead
Adam Clarke
Rebekah J. Clarke
David Barber
Benjamin D. Barber
Thomas W. Barber
Janet M. Greathead
Joseph Ryckman
Joseph Ryckman
Jennifer ...
Jenelle Ryckman
Jessica Ryckman
Darlene R. Greathead
Morris Eagles
Kelvin D. Eagles
Christin Stewart
Quintin H. Eagles
Jan Chapman
Carson R. Eagles
Timothy G. Eagles
Ethan P. Eagles
Daniel R. Eagles
Matthew J. Eagles
Owen D. Eagles
Morgan I. Eagles
Denene R. Greathead
Wiliam McGinnis
Donald J. McGinnis
Colson McGinnis
Alexis McGinnis
Kelly A. McGinnis
Kali A. Sharp
Kennedy Sharp
Alexander Sharp
Bonnie J. Greathead
Angela M. Greathead
Chris Brown
Shyanne M. Brown
Dawson S. Brown
Margaret R. Greathead
Kirby Townsend
Kirk R. Townsend
Elizabeth A. Townsend
Margaret E. Greathead
Kenneth M. Billy
Christopher G. Billy
Ann Davis
Stephanie A. Billy
Brandon M. Billy
Susan K. Billy
Lee Aldridge
Jeffrey Aldridge
Julie Aldridge
Joseph Chaboyer
Kimberly A. Chaboyer
Amber ...
Sarah ...
Jennifer A. Greathead
Ian G. Fleming
Nicholas J. Fleming
Benjamin W. Fleming
Mary B. J. Brown
William T. Greathead
Susan Zaric
Joan L. Greathead
Kathleen R. Watt
Lucy Watt
Mary J. Greathead
Norman A. Letestu
Christopher J. Letestu
Debra Matte
Zachary C. Letestu
Jordon T. Letestu
Richard L. Letestu
Kenneth R. Greathead
Marilyn Goodwin
Kenneth Greathead
Zach Greathead
Kathryn Greathead
Peter MacDonald
Peter MacDonald
Terry ...
Myles MacDonald
Eric MacDonald
Ed Brouwer
Peter Greathead
Lynn Warburton
Sarah Greathead
Mark L. Gill
Leoma Gill
Rosa M. Gill
Richard L. Greathead
Susan Bruce
Susan M. Greathead
Peter J. Livesey
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