Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 23 - James Greethead

. James Greethead from Bristol is the first time I have found the dialect introduced. Members of this family may be recorded in either spelling and some later generations emigrated to Australia

Clare F. Greethead
Nathan C. Beck
Brenda J. Greethead
Duncan Brailsford-Smith
Helen Brailsford-Smith
Kate Brailsford-Smith
Daniel Brailsford-Smith
Miriam Sanderson
Alan S. Jennings
Evelyn Almond
Robert Almond
Haydon Almond
Sheila M. McLauchlan
Marjorie M. McLauchlan
Bill Warry
Evelyn M. McLauchlan
Beryl Almond
Stewart Almond
Derek J. Alsop
Pamela M. Vickers
Gaie A. Johnson
David McEvoy
James K. Greethead
Robyn J. Greethead
Noel A. Winter
Jenny Winter
Leanne Winter
Mark Winter
Ian Thomson
Stephen C. Greethead
Patricia L. Inglis
Lachlan C. Greethead
Kenneth J. Greethead
Heather ...
Dean Greethead
Lisa Greethead
Ronald F. Greethead
Kaye Lucas
Kim Greethead
Nicole Greethead
Kelly Greethead
... Smith
Amy Smith
Robert I. Smith
Barbara J. Court
Peta Smith
Jodie Smith
Maxwell K. Smith
Ruth Phillips
David C. Smith
Anne V. Dunn
Darcy J. Smith
Madeline C. Smith
Oliver W. Smith
Nigel J. Smith
Katrina M. Probert
Lara O. Smith
Lachlan H. Smith
Jamie D. Smith
Melanie S. Rossiter
Kaye Greethead
Carolyn Greethead
John Greethead
William E. Greethead
Christine Greethead
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