Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 20 - Edward Greathead

. Edward Greathead was born around 1585 in South Willingham. Some of this branch of the family went into the Church. John born in 1700 married Ann Wilberforce, their children for some reason dropped the second "a" in their surname and called themselves Greathed. Edward inherited the lands but had no children and he left his estates to his nephew John Harris on the proviso he changed his name to Greathed. This he did and his descendents became wealthy army families who fought at Waterloo and made names for themselves in India, especially at the siege of Lucknow

Anne Chinneck
Ulick S. Burke
Prudence N. Stride
Ulick J. Burke
Jason E. L. Bradshaw
James R. Shepherd
Ulick K. Burke
Elizabeth H. Noble
Richard C. Perry
Anthony T. C. Allom
Nigel B. Noble
Rosemary E. Alexander
Antony I. T. Alexander
Joanne P. Alexander
Firooz Sefre
Ariana H. A. Sefre
Azar C. A. Sefre
Anahita M. A. Sefre
Ardeshir J. A. Sefre
Barbara M. Holt
David M. Telfer
Allison C. Jupp
Jack P. Telfer
Kate E. I. Telfer
Sarah J. Telfer
Phyllis E. Tilbury
Ian R. Harrison
Ailie M. Harrison
David D. Price
Richard Farley
Jennifer Farley
Graham I. Farley
Caroline A. Farley
Simon Webb
Amanda Webb
Jane E. M. Cronin
Diana M. D. Cronin
Karl J. Hurlbut
David T. Hurlbut
John P. N. Cronin
Charles E. G. Cronin
Sally J. Burnham
Carolie P. Groves
Christopher R. B. Groves
Nicholas K. Farley
Penelope M. Sleigh
Clare M. Farley
Daniel R. Ward
Nicholas D. Ward
Catherine M. Ward
Alexandra J. Ward
Edward N. G. Farley
Alice A. Farley
John Storm
John H. Storm
Douglas Fabrizio
Desmond A. J. Hanbury-Tracy
... Hodges
Nicholas H. Tracy
Lillian Laurie
Timothy C. C. Hanbury-Tracy
Anneleise M. Arthur
Daisy I. Hanbury-Tracy
Maximillian J. C. Hanbury-Tracy
Margaret C. White
Mary C. E. Tracy
Robert C. Cross
Edward Cross
Lucy C. Cross
Sylvia M. Cross
Anna E. Cross
Charles W. J. Tracy
Sarah J. Ashley
Emily H. Tracy
Justin H. Tracy
Edward C. H. Tracy
Diana ...
Elizabeth Tracy
Megan J. Harrison
Thomas W. G. Stansfield
Leslie John
Clive J. A. Pulteney
Robert J. H. Darling
Janet R. Mallinson
Robert J. C. Darling
Suzanne C. Gwynder-Lewis
Robert J. L. Darling
Rachel P. M. Darling
Giles D. Colin
Henry T. U. Darling
Anna J. B. Darling
Anthony R. Pardoe
David H. C. Pardoe
Countess Anya Gurowski
George M. E. Pardoe
Georgina R. J. Pardoe
Lucinda M. J. Darling
Rory P. Macdiarmid
George P. R. Macdiarmid
Fergus C. I. Macdiarmid
Philippa R. K. Macdiarmid
Dan Greathed
... ...
Matthew Greathed
Sarah Greathed
Lara Greathed
Scott Fraser
Anthony J. Gray
Belinda C. Gray
Suzanne P. C. Gray
Angela J. Gray
Simon Gonzales-Moreno
Hugo J. Gonzales-Moreno
Busick C. Pemberton
Melissa Pemberton
Samantha Pemberton
Charlotte Pemberton
Piers Pemberton
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