Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 27 - Joseph Greathead

. Joseph Greathead married Mary Cluer in 1756. They lived in the Solihull area and many later members of the family were basket makers

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John Salmons
Malcolm S. Salmons
Angela W. Greathead
Roger J. MacDonald
Rosemary P. Greathead
Christopher J. Payne
Frederick C. Hall
Barbara Fisher
Robert D. Greathead
Robert D. Greathead
Greville Greathead
Sharon ...
Derek Greathead
Olive Greathead
Arnold G. Roper
Colleen M. Deacon
Samantha M. Greathead
Peter Griffiths
Thomas M. Griffiths
Lynn D. Bennett
Joanne L. Greathead
Paul Rupertinger
Anastacia Rupertinger
Dylan Greathead
Rebecca J. Greathead
Ian Hughes
Jack L. C. Hughes
Ryan Hughes
Timothy P. Greathead
Sarah J. Brookes
Paul A. Greathead
Harry Biddulph
Malcolm Biddulph
David Biddulph
Lynn E. Parkin
Victoria R. Greathead
Laurence J. Foster
Mark P. Foster
Paul A. Foster
Susanne J. Greathead
Robert W. McLeod
Tamara R. McLeod
Michael R. McLeod
Sonya J. McLeod
Deborah J. McLeod
Judith A. Greathead
Robert J. C. Rowcliffe
Annette A. Greathead
... Samways
John R. Greathead
Janet V. Greathead
Colin F. Steele
Tracie M. Steele
Carla M. Steele
Jill S. Greathead
Rhett K. Butler
Lee Butler
Adam Butler
David Butler
Liselotte Stahli
Christopher A. Greathead
Nicholas P. Greathead
Pauline J. Benson
If you find any mistakes or missing entries on this chart please let me know