Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 24 - Brothers John and Samuel Greatheed

. Samuel Greatheed born in 1690 in Beeston in Leeds. He married Esther and had four children. Many members of later generations entered the church. John married Frances and they emigrated to St Kitts with family later living in Guys Cliffe in Warwickshire

May E. Gowing
Dorothy G. Tennant
John E. Tennant
Joan E. Maddison
Robin N. Bygrave
Rebecca I. M. Bygrave
Hilary A. R. Bygrave
Veronica F. Bygrave
Sarah Bygrave
Julia Z. Bygrave
Caroline E. Bygrave
Bridget E. Bygrave
Ivy M. Maddison
Hazel D. Maddison
Dennis R. Birch
Lesley L. Birch
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