Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - London 30 April 2011
The First Greathead Gathering - London 30 April 2011

Back in July 2010 I was discussing what I thought was a wild idea about arranging a meeting for as many Greatheads as we could. With encouragement from some Facebook contacts this idea took off. I produced a flyer and placed on the website. I sent out invitations to as many people as I could and placed an open invite on my blog and facebook page and the message got around. The decision was to meet on 30 April 2011 under James Henry Greathead's statue by the Bank Underground station at 12:00 noon. We planned a group photograph and then to go to a nearby Weatherspoon pub for some food, drink and a chat.

Almost 50 people turned up for the photograph, arriving from 10:30am onwards, so many of us managed to start chatting before the photograph. Amazingly the sun shone and it was quite warm. I was so pleased that once again the weather chaps had got it wrong, we saw no rain, light or heavy.

Carl turned up in his football shirt and therefore was a great advert for our name.

After the photograph we walked to The Green Man, where I had arranged for us to have sole use their downstairs room. I passed around charts for people attending and everyone quickly got down to the finding out how they were related. I had also created a chart showing where possible the actual relationship between attendees.

A further 12 people joined us over the next hour.

I spread out three of the possible thirty eight charts on the ground and people, once they had eaten their meals descended upon the charts, starting looking from a distance, later getting down on the floor to really study them

I send my grateful thanks to Sara and Nigel who provided copies of 17 certificates for me and to Sue and Ken who gave me copies of some wonderful pictures of their branch. They also gave me a newspaper article about Guys Cliffe, I have bought the book mentioned in the article. Other people promised to forward pictures etc. to me. I look forward to receiving them.

My thanks to all who attended and I hope you had fun and maybe even met some new relatives. Some of you managed to avoid the camera I am sorry not your picture is not included. I just wished I had been able to spend more time with each of you, will be in touch by email soon. However I believe YOU managed to talk to the other attendees and relatives