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Can YOU name the people in the photographs attached to this link?


As time goes by I am very fortunate to receive information on "old" Greatheads that at first I may not recognise. This information if available to all may prompt others to send data or maybe even find the link to those on my website. 


James Henry Greathead # 2580 One of the leaders of the 1820 settlers


Matthew Greathead #3672 The story of the oldest known Freemason


James Frederick Greethead #12411 The story of rags to riches. Otherwise known as Leotard Bosco


Robert Greathead # 3910 who patented the Greathead Tonic

Joshua Greathead and his brothers Nicholas and Thomas.  Joshua died in Kings Bench prison, London in 1685.  Joshua was part of the Farnley Wood Plot His cousin Captain Thomas Oates was executed for his part.  He was a coal mine owner


Bishop Robert Grosseteste was the most brilliant scholar and church leader of his generation and, because of his independent mind, is considered by many as a forerunner of the Reformation.  He was a lecturer at Oxford, became bishop of Lincoln in 1235 and wrote treatises on theology, natural sciences, astronomy, mathematics, poetry and the classics. Fearlessly he rooted out corruption in his diocese, challenged the king when he believed he was wrong and, in 1250, travelled to Rome to complain about corruption in the papal court (BBC British History Magazine)