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Name changes


Greathead members who changed their name other than female members by marriage, or children by adoption whether at birth or when their mother remarried. 

Several men changed their name to their wife's surname upon marriage.  Differing stories appear as to whether the man was fed up with being bullied or the new wife did not like her new name.  Either way I have not recorded these people below. 

Their narratives tell their own stories

Thomas Greathead

Emigrated to Australia in 1869 and upon arrival soon changed his name to Thomas Napean GRAY. It is believed that he chose the name Napean from Point Nepean being the name of one of the entrances to Port Philip Bay which Thomas would have passed when he arrived in Melbourne. Port Napean was a quarantine camp.  His family have since been known by the surname of GRAY

Edward Harris In order to benefit from the will of his Uncle Edward changed his surname to that of his uncle and his mother's maiden name and became Edward Harris GREATHED
George Huitson On 1900 his name was changed to Arthur BROWN but it is believed this was not legally done. He was apparently so upset about his fathers desertion that he called himself Arthur Brown. Brown came from his mothers maiden name.  The death certificate is written out for Arthur Brown and states otherwise known as George Hewitson, the spelling I guess was incorrect as not used by George his son who was the informant
Alfred Augustus Greathead Alfred was a vocalist and although he used the surname of MONTGOMERY during his life his death was registered under the surname of Greathead.  In the census of 1881 and 1891 the family were enumerated as the Montgomery family.  Some of his children seem to have taken this name at different times of their life.  His son William changed his surname to GREATHEAD-MONTGOMERY.  His son John changed his surname to MONTGOMERY.  His son Robert seemed to include the name of Greathead as a forename and changed his surname to MONTGOMERY.
Theresa Greathead Theresa became Sister Bonaventure when she received her habit and entered the Daughters of the Cross at Chelsea on 27 December 1888
Ronald Greathead It was reported in the London Gazette of 24 September 1946 that Ronald lived at 337 Hook Rise, Surbiton and he announced that he renounced and abandoned the use and surname of Greathead and assumed the name of GRAY. It went through the Enrolement Department of the Central Office of the Royal Courts of Justice on 18 September 1946.  He later emigrated to America
Oswald Greathead Oswald changed his name to EVANS after his first wife died.  Her maiden name was Evans.  He was so upset at the way his boys were taunted at school that he decided to change the whole family surname from Greathead to Evans and stated his heirs would also take that name.  The boys were Herbert, George and Kenneth.
John Henry Greathead John, also known as Jack. John Henry emigrated to Canada between the wars. He was in the Royal Canadian mounted police, his first family were tragically killed in a fire.  John changed his name when in Canada to Jack ANDERSON
Eliza Greathead Eliza became Sister Edwardine when she received the habit at Liège in Belgium. She entered at The Daughters of the Cross at Chelsea on 22 July 1886
Sidney Charles Oliver Greathead Sidney emigrated to Canada with his parents and sibling.  Constance who became his wife had also emigrated to Canada.  They married there and became Greathead then changed their name to GREY.  Strangely their first, fourth, fifth and sixth children all girls were registered with the surname of Grey but their second and third children who both died at birth were registered with the surname of Greathead.  I suggest grief to them back to their roots.  Sidney's brother Percy also changed the family name to Grey
Percy Frederick V Greathead Percy signed up on 22 September 1914 in the 4th Battalion of the Canadian Expeditionary Force. He gave his name as Percy GUY.  He married and they had one child whilst going back to the surname of GREATHEAD.  They then changed their name to GREY similar to Percy's brother Sidney
Frank Greathead Frank changed surname to MORLEY around 1949.  He was apparently fed up with the bullying during his National Service.  Morley was his mother's maiden name.
Florence Astle Greathead Florence married Henry COCKING who later declared himself to be otherwise known as REGALDI.   Henry was a Professor of Music and singing and an organist


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