Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 22 - Thomas Greathead

. Thomas Greathead had three children all born in Worksop. John born 1671, Rebecka born 1674 and Thomas born 1681. The descendents seem to have remained around Worksop

Thomas Brown
Jacqueline A. Straw
Michael Rhodes
Michelle Rhodes
Mark Rhodes
Amanda ...
Barry ...
Geraldine Straw
Kenneth A. Sweet
Sarah J. Sweet
Anthony Straw
Wendy Eleksis
William P. Greathead
Linda G. McLean
Jessica M. L. Greathead
Jack P. Greathead
Barry Smith
William C. Greathead
Jean Millington
William Greathead
Caroline De Long
Phillippe Michaux
Gwenn Michaux
Martyn E. Greathead
Helen Hartley
Russell J. Greathead
Tracey Sargeson
Lewis J. Greathead
Liam R. Greathead
Gail J. Greathead
Graham E. Watson
Steven G. Watson
Ross J. Watson
Connor M. Watson
Patricia A. Greathead
Kenneth G. Newton
Michael I. Greathead
Winifred Lazenby
Bruce Greaves
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