Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 25 - Thomas Greathead

. Thomas a farmer had a son Thomas who married Elizabeth Smith in 1848 in Derby. Their son William was born in Burton on Trent in 1849 and possibly a daughter Mary shortly after their marriage. Elizabeth married three times. Thomas was her second husband. After his death she married William Reader and had four further children. She died in 1891

Brian W. Greathead
Kathleen Goddard
Andrew Greathead
Joanne E. Fisher
Eleanor R. Greathead
Isobel M. Greathead
Alison Greathead
Christopher Wynne
Gareth D. Wynne
Katie E. Wynne
Wendy Collinson
... Leach
Denis W. Hutchins
Arthur J. Hutchins
Sheila M. Hutchins
Beryl F. Hutchins
Gwendoline E. Hutchins
Doreen E. Greathead
John A. Greathead
Winnifred M. Price
John C. Greathead
Gay B. Mobberley
Donald T. Greathead
Margaret F. Borton
Anthony D. Greathead
Richard D. Greathead
Dawn Thomas
Julie Harris
Becky Harris
Laura E. Greathead
Carrol A. J. Greathead
Phillip Cumberlain
Kelly Cumberlain
Martin Savage
Frya Savage
Gary L. Butcher
... Durham-Rowe
Joanne N. Greathead
Suzanne M. Greathead
Donald J. Marriott
Carl J. Marriott
Lee D. Marriott
Christopher R. Marriott
... Handley
Marrianne G. Greathead
Adrian J. J. Kiely
William J. C. Kiely
Jessica M. L. Kiely
Stephanie E. Kiely
Andrew Baker
Joshua A. L. Baker
Gary A. Greathead
Sharon L. Price
Bethany L. Greathead
James K. Greathead
Eleanor M. Greathead
Sean A. Greathead
Billie Johnson
Jill Allsopp
Michael P. Carroll
Maureen Hale
Alison M. Greathead
Anthony R. Martindale
James D. R. Martindale
Matthew A. J. Martindale
Keira M. Martindale
James H. Crowter
Jennifer A. Greathead
Neil S. Moxey
Richard Thorns
Joshua D. S. Thorns
Rebecca N. A. Thorns
Naomi S. B. Thorns
Caroline M. Greathead
John J. Quinn
Martyn Penfold
Charlie P. D. Penfold
Hugo J. M. Penfold
Elizabeth J. Greathead
Harry Walker
Alexander H. Walker
William D. Walker
Janet M. Greathead
Maurice R. Symmons
Jacqueline A. Symmons
Marie C. Symmons
Deborah M. Symmons
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