Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Yorkshire Charts
Charts where the earliest known Greathead ancestor was born in Yorkshire
  • Chart 1 My Direct Family - Edward Greathead Edward Greathead from Northallerton and later Hipswell and Heighington - My direct family
  • Chart 2 - Lifeboat and 1820 settlers Greathead families

    . Thomas Greathead born 1630 later generations include the families of the Lifeboat maker, 1820 settlers and Underground engineers fame

  • Chart 3 - George Greathead

    . George Greathead from Easby Richmond. He married Elizabeth l'Anson in 1763 and had four children, George, Robert, Christopher and Elizabeth. Later generations travelled to Australia

  • Chart 6 - John Greathead

    . Charles Greathead was born 1794 in Pond Dale, Gilling. He married Elizabeth Dunn in 1823 and later generations lived in Downholme. He had a brother John who was born in 1796

  • Chart 8 - John Greathead

    . John Greathead married Mary Lyon in 1827 in Sancton. They had several children one of which, John emigrated to America

  • Chart 24 - Brothers John and Samuel Greatheed

    . Samuel Greatheed born in 1690 in Beeston in Leeds. He married Esther and had four children. Many members of later generations entered the church. John married Frances and they emigrated to St Kitts with family later living in Guys Cliffe in Warwickshire

  • Chart 28 - Francis Greathead

    . Francis Greathead died in Marrick in 1749 and had a son Thomas. The family married into the Whitelock family of Cogden Hall

If you find any mistakes or missing entries on these charts please let me know