Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 19 - John Greathead
John Greathead from Broughton Astley had two sons, Thomas and John. Many of the families worked as framework knitters
Mary A. Fleming
Margaret A. Isaacs
Jill M. Isaacs
... Sullivan
Carolyn J. Isaacs
Terence R. Cresswell
Christine V. Isaacs
Alan J. Cushing
Beryl J. Isaacs
Brian Greathead
Christina Fon
Brian C. Greathead
Rebecca Troth
Briony Greathead
Bobby A. Greathead
David B. Greathead
Susanne Maslen
Max Greathead
Felix S. M. Greathead
Colin Greathead
Roger Greathead
Diane Low
Carolyn Greathead
Stephen Greathead
John T. Phipps
Eileen E. Johnson
Joan W. Petchell
Jennifer R. Cranfield
David E. Hodgson
John E. Hodgson
Joanne R. Hodgson
Stuart Helling
Daniel S. Hodgson
Peter D. Hodgson
Harry S. Kolbe
Wendy E. Cranfield
Graham Buzzard
Benjamin Buzzard
Ian Jackson
Samuel C. Jackson
Lucy Jackson
Melanie H. Cranfield
Malcolm Crossman
Edward Smith
Margaret Knott
Gerald Mushett
Geraldine Mushett
John Cole
Edward Cole
Robert Cole
Andrew T. Cole
Audrey J. Knott
Susan E. Henson
Duncan J. Rowley
Laura E. Rowley
Lindsey M. Rowley
Peter D. Henson
Joanne E. Collington
Thomas D. Henson
Samuel J. Henson
Kenneth G. Henson
Tracy J. Henson
Beryl E. Knott
Pamela Neal
Christian Knott
Lin ...
Meg ...
Angela S. Knott
Alan Ramsden
Teresa C. Ramsden
James A. Ramsden
Keith Lanspeary
... Taylor
Adrian J. T. Lanspeary
Gavin M. T. Lanspeary
David E. Pepper
Rodney Waterfield
Trevor Waterfield
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