Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Chart 12 - Timothy Greated

. Timothy Greated, later generations came from Ely Place, Holborn, London. His son Joseph was a member of the Joiners livery company. The family staying for many years in London moving later to Ireland

Grace M. Hudson
Caroline R. H. Greated
Christopher Willis
Hannah J. Greated
Charlotte G. Willis
Patrick Willis
Clive A. Greated
Prunella A. Theaker
Alicia Greated
Anthony Walker
Yannik Walker
Marianne Greated
Margaret L. Gubbins
John A. Gubbins
Evelyn J. Gubbins
Anita R. Thomas
Janet M. Greated
Roger Wlliams
Mark Wlliams
Sandra Dallyn
Sean Wlliams
Jacqueline E. E. Hibbert
Hali N. Wlliams
Kevin A. Long
Stephen F. Greated
Jean Gander
Joanna S. Greated
David J. Neilson
Holly Neilson
Andrew P. Greated
Fiona G. Walker
Laura E. Greated
Barbara J. Eastmure
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