Welcome to the Worldwide Greathead family my One-Name Study - Lincolnshire Charts
Charts where the earliest known Greathead ancestor was born in Lincolnshire
  • Chart 20 - Edward Greathead

    . Edward Greathead was born around 1585 in South Willingham. Some of this branch of the family went into the Church. John born in 1700 married Ann Wilberforce, their children for some reason dropped the second "a" in their surname and called themselves Greathed. Edward inherited the lands but had no children and he left his estates to his nephew John Harris on the proviso he changed his name to Greathed. This he did and his descendents became wealthy army families who fought at Waterloo and made names for themselves in India, especially at the siege of Lucknow

  • Chart 21 - Joseph Greathead

    . Joseph Greathead married Ann and they had two children, Elizabeth born 1758 and Joseph born 1762. This family seem to stay around Lincolnshire

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