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Jean Dyson

Last Edited=1 Jan 2016

Child of Jean Dyson and Donald Greathead

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David Greathead

#13880, b. 1945, d. 1963
Last Edited=1 Jan 2016
4th cousin 1 time removed of Janet Susan Greathead
3rd cousin 6 times removed of George Greathead
9th great-grandson of Edward Greathead
Appears on charts:
Chart 1 My Direct Family - Edward Greathead
     David Greathead was born in 1945 in Bradford, Yorkshire, England.1 He was the son of Donald Greathead and Jean Dyson. David died in 1963 in Darlington, Durham, England.2 David was buried on 9 April 1963 in Durham Road Cemetery, Stockton on Tees, Durham, England.3

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Phyllis Kathleen Evans

#13883, b. 19 December 1942, d. 2 February 2009
Last Edited=12 Sep 2018
     Phyllis Kathleen Evans was born on 19 December 1942.1,2 She married John Greathead, son of John George Greathead and Mary MacDonald, on 19 March 1960 in St John the Evangelist, Herne Bay, Kent, England, after banns were read. The ceremony was witnessed by P J Megson and A N Pearson. They both gave their address as 52 Stanley Gardens, Herne Bay. John was a labourer and Phyllis a laundry worker. No father was given for Phyllis on their marriage certificate.3 She and John Greathead emigrated in May 1967 with their children Nicholas, Stephen and Richard travelling on an aircraft departing UK in May 1967 under the Assisted Passage Migration Scheme.4 Phyllis died on 2 February 2009 in New South Wales, Australia, aged 66.5

Children of Phyllis Kathleen Evans and John Greathead

  • Nicholas John Greathead6
  • Stephen Allen Greathead
  • Richard Brian Greathead
  • Mark Greathead

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Anne Margaret Greathed1

#13889, b. 13 May 1913, d. 1975
Last Edited=16 Mar 2023
6th great-granddaughter of Edward Greathed
Appears on charts:
Chart 20 - Edward Greathead
     Anne Margaret Greathed was born on 13 May 1913 in Kensington, London, England.2,3 She was the daughter of Robert Napier Greathed and Alice Maud Greenly. The passenger list for the ship Galician which sailed on 28 March 1914 from Southampton bound for South Africa shows Robert and his wife, two children, a nurse and butler. Robert is listed as being in the army.4 They returned first class from Cape Town arriving on 18 August 1915 aboard the ship Briton.5 In the census of 19 June 1921 in Gatwick House, Shackleford, Godalming, Surrey, England, she was listed as a visitor The household consisted of a nurse servant Kate M Harmer who was employed by the Hon Mrs Lucy Byng the current tennant of the house. Mr Antony Schomberg and his wife Lucy seem to have taken in Lucy's sisters daughter Annie as her father had just died to accompany their daughter Gillian.6 Anne died in 1975 in Worthing, Sussex, England.7

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Joseph H Shular

Last Edited=1 Jan 2016
     Joseph H Shular married Rachel Rutherford.

Child of Joseph H Shular and Rachel Rutherford