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Outings during 2006

2 January Nearly Dunkeswell - Henstridge
21 January We made it to Dunkeswell this time
27 February A little outing to White Waltham
One weekend soon the wind WILL stop blowing so hard
8 April First visit of the year to Isle of Wight - Sandown
15 April Almost Fenland - Turweston
19 April Open Day at Chilbolton 
20 April A successful trip to the air medical doctor
22 April Andrewsfield
7 May Bembridge and Brimpton fly in
28 May G-VFWE Tenth anniversary of the Great Vintage Weekend Flyin at Keevil
3 June Sturgate in Lincolnshire
AY is in for the C of A which we understand is complete just waiting for paperwork back from CAA.  It hardly seems possible that we have had her three years.  Heard on Monday 3 July that everything is complete and we are legal again to fly.  Roll on the weekend
3/4 July Smithwood Common flying models
8 July VAC Anniversary Sandown
16 July Devon Strut fly in to Lundy Island
21 July Farnborough airshow
27 July Tragic news Tony Spooner of Aerofab  died on 27 July.  Bourne Park will not be the same again.
30 July Branscombe flyin, classic car and airshow
4 August Smithwood Common trials
6 August Treborough on Exmoor
20 August PFA Kemble
26 August G-VFWE  Henstridge
Annual holiday to France by car, but watching out or airports. strips and planes
24 September Bourne Park annual BBQ
7 October Sackville farm
15 October Almost airbourne. We struggled to airfield having to go all around Basingstoke ring Road as the M3 was closed Southbound due to a serious accident.  The wind by then had risen far too much for safe flying in AY and the forecast was apparently for it to get worse.  So after a coffee and natter to others who were also hoping to fly we went home via the local "Pick your own" and bought some pumpkins for Halloween
28-29 October VAC All Hallows - Sywell (sadly too windy but went to Enstone the next day)
5 November Lashenden
2 December White Waltham and around
17 December Isle of Wight, will this be our last visit in 2006? and Popham