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22 April 2006 - Not been to Andrewsfield in a while
The weather was not at its best for flying, but having travelled to the airfield we decided to make the best of it.  The visibility was not too good.

We flew past Popham, Lasham and on to Guildford where the visibility dramatically improved.  On to Bramley for a circle over Martin's Mums house then on towards the M25.  Soon we were passing Redhill and seeing the big planes taking off from Gatwick.  It always amazes me just how much of London you can see as we head North towards the Thames Estuary.

Andrewsfield is just inside the Stanstead airfield zone so Martin was careful with his navigation.  We spotted the field and entered the circuit taking care not to overfly the houses. Once we landed we taxied over to the pumps to collect fuel.  One of the very cheerful lads working there was preparing himself for his first solo landing away from his home airfield.  We wished him luck and parked the plane

Having signed in we ordered some coffee and food.  They experienced a power failure when cooking our bacon baps so there was a short delay, but when they arrived they were very good.
We had heard that there was another Cessna 170 on the field so started to look for it.  We found it in one of the hangers but sadly the owner was not available, but a friendly guy who was just about to go and practice some aerobatics in his plane offered to pass on a message.
We took off and headed South deciding to take full advantage of the better weather.  We flew down to Rochester and saw Headcorn before we headed West to go home.

What a wonderful day, far better than we had dared to hope for with the initial weather.