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2 December 2006  - White Waltham
There was a break in the weather and Saturday looked a possibility for flying.  As you must take every opportunity offered at this time of the year we got up early and headed for the airfield.
The cloud was quite low and although it had been raining it had stopped by the time we arrived at the airfield.  We decided to take off and perform a couple of circuits to check before going further afield.  Having decided it was quite safe we flew over past Popham, the onto Lasham,

Popham airfield

not many gliders flying today, then over to Cranleigh and past Dunsfold.  We don't often pass on this side of the airfield.

Dunsfold airfield

Then on to Guildford and back along the Hogsback and over towards Basingstoke and Reading.  We called up White Waltham from point Sierra to obtain the airfield landing details.  It is always nice to return to White Waltham although we had almost forgotten just how sticky the field can get there.  With muddy boots we headed for the clubhouse to sign in and pay for the fuel.  We were pleased to see we could still obtain our favoured bacon baguettes and coffee for lunch.  Feeling refreshed we left the club house where the Christmas decorations were being erected.

White Waltham WW2 clubhouse and hangers

We headed for home and decided upon landing that as there was still some light and the engine was warm we would take advantage and perform an oil change.  We have this off to a fine art and with the "modded" plastic tubing and container we completed the task very quickly.  We washed the WW mud off the plane and put the covers on before placing her in the parking hanger.  The weather was certainly getting colder and gales were forecast for Sunday.
We returned home very grateful for a flight in December.