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7 May 2006 - Bembridge then Brimpton Fly in
We decided to ignore the three weather forecasts we found on the web as each of them forecast different weather, and go for it.  The visibility was not too good but we decided to go to the airfield anyway.  At least the wind was calm.  We were so pleased to meet up with our friend John who flies in G-LUSI with Max and is now back flying after some rather serious medical problems last year.  He waved us off as we headed South to the Isle of Wight.  We had decided to head for Bembridge on the Island.  We called up the Bembridge Tower once we arrived over Portsmouth, the circuit was quite busy and there were model aircraft being flown on the airfield but not above 500 feet.  Having landed we requested fuel, paid our landing and fuel fees and set off to walk to the harbour. 

We sat in the sun enjoying our lunch looking out onto Bembridge harbour.  We contacted our friends who were attending the Brimpton flyin.  

National Trust windmill at Bembridge

There seemed to be a bit of a sea mist developing so we decided to join them.  We walked back up the hill, passed the windmill now a National Trust property and through the village back to the airfield.
We took off and headed North passing Lasham and called up Brimpton, who also seemed very busy.  As we arrived two piston Proversts were performing their display so had to do some very large circuits and land after them.  Safely down we found our old plane HW was also there so sought out Louis to say hello.  

AY meets HW again

HW meets AY again

John, Sue, John, Jed and Paul were also to be found so a good chat was had by all.  

 From right to left - Jed, John, Martin, John, Sue and Paul

We watched some fantastic flying of the model planes before watching HW take off and go back to White Waltham.
We then said goodbye ourselves to our friends and flew back home.  
We were both exhausted and fell asleep quite early that evening.