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3 and 4 July 2006 Flying on Smithwood Common
Monday 3 July - The weather being very hot, the air calm, and the light evenings still with us, John and Martin decided to head for Smithwood Common for an evening flying their model planes.  Not quite the real thing but still very enjoyable - or was it.......................            
Martin took his Cessna plane and John his chuck glider and his magnificent model of is beloved Tiger Moth

All went well until John suddenly realised he was missing his glasses.  We searched the waist high grass for a while, but he was unsure at what point during the flights he had lost them.  John flew his model of FM made some wonderful flights.  Martin was also getting some great flights with his "off the shelf" model
Then disaster struck when after a rather super flight, Martin's plane headed for the trees.  They were positioned in amongst huge thistles, nettles and lots of bugs. After much straining of necks John was the first to spot the plane high in the branches.  The trees, even if we could get close to them were not climbable.
So a very miserable Martin and John headed back to the cars.  Once again Jan had not had an time to read her book as planned
Tuesday 4 July - Arrived back at Smithwood Common kitted out in suitable clothes, long trousers, long sleeved shirts together with a stout pole for getting through the undergrowth, a good set of chimney rods and some strong rope.  We headed off to the offending tree.  Martin reduced the undergrowth to a manageable height to allow access and John fitted the rods together.  Feeding the rods up the tree was very precarious as they waved all over the place, however after some amazing manoevres the rods reached the plane and with a few well placed prods the plane started to descend.

 It took several attempts but eventually it fell to the ground. Amazingly it was intact except for loosing it's tail fin.  Martin was delighted.  He could make a new one of those easily.

Sadly despite some concerted efforts we were not so lucky when looking for John's glasses
They then decided to get some fun out of the evening and walked further into the middle of the common hoping to avoid trees and other obstacles.

Luckily Martin had brought another plane so was able to fly something.  Both mini FM and Martins plane had some really great flights, so spirits were certainly raised by the time we headed home as the light was fading

So if you are on Smithwood Common and find some glasses do let John or us know