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Sturgate in Lincolnshire - 3 June 2006 
Summer has arrived, we were beginning to wonder whether we would ever wear short again.  Today we were certainly glad of them it was rather warm.
We had been invited to a birthday barbecue that evening so decided it must be an early start.  We were in the air by 9:50 and headed North for Turweston where we planned to stop for fuel.  The visibility was very good and we could see for miles.  We are familiar with the route so could enjoy the trip without worrying too much about where our next heading would be.  Turweston were quite busy but it was a good place to stop for fuel, the tanks took 80 litres, well past the minimum to entitle us to a free landing

Turweston airfield

Having filled the aeroplane and had a welcome coffee we headed off for unfamiliar territory.  Passing Silverstone who we guessed were making preparations for next weekend, when the British Grand Prix takes place there. (The picture is taken on the return journey)

Silverstone taken on the return leg

We headed North passing Northampton, Market Harborough, Melton Mowbray, Newark on Trent taking a moment to look at Belvoir Castle and the meandering River Trent with it's power stations.  We turned off just after the third on and headed for Sturgate.  They were certainly very busy.  We were asked to land on Runway 27 and took our place in the circuit, opting to land on the grass runway.
Sturgate is the home of the Lincoln Aero Club and the flyin weekend was to celebrate their 50th Anniversary.  The airfield was one of the last airfields built during WW2, and opened too late to see operational service.
We received a very warm welcome when we signed in and were informed tea or coffee was free and burgers or hot dogs 1.  What value, and the lamb and mint burger was amazing.

Sturgate  - Lincoln Aero Clubhouse

After lunch we took a look around the other planes that had landed and chatted to friends from White Waltham before we sadly decided we must head for home, if we were to be in time for the evenings entertainment.
The return journey was uneventful and we flew directly home.  It was wonderful to be able to see the English countryside in sunshine.  It was clear that summer had arrived when we cleaned the windscreen of flies, something we had not done for while.  Whilest putting the finishing touches to  putting the plane to bed two fellow aviators returned from their trip to Bembridge.  We chatted for a while before departing for home