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30 July - Branscombe Flyin, classic cars and airshow
We woke to very good visibility so all seemed good for our proposed flight to Branscombe.
The route is now well known to us, so we could enjoy the scenery without having to worry too much about finding navigation points.  We stopped off at Henstridge for fuel and a coffee and met and chatted with someone who was heading for the same venue.

We had to be on the ground by 12:15 as there was an air display due to commence at 12:30, so we did not stay too long at Henstridge.
We always look for the aerials at Rampisham as they can be seen for miles, then headed for the coast.  We flew along the coast to Branscombe calling up the airfield for landing instructions.

The airfield is easily visible and we slipped into the circuit with the other planes wishing to land.  It was quite busy.  Already there were several planes on the ground, many classic cars parked and stalls doing a roaring trade.  Martin is always attracted to the tool stalls, he bought one tool and some very small drills.  I am sure had we not been in the plane he would have been tempted by many other tools.  The temperature dropped and we both changed out of our shorts and into jeans.

We bought burgers and coffee and sat by the plane to watch the display. A friend, Andy Williams (not the singer - although he may have a very good voice) approached us with a huge smile on his face, we had not seen him for a while and it was good to catch up on his news.  He had not seen AY before as we were flying in HW when we last saw him.

The display consisted of two P51s, a Hurricane, the Two Utterly Butterly Steerman, a BA Swallow, Stampe, Fox Moth, the First World War replicas SE5s, Sopwith Triplane, and German monoplanes and a Pitts.  It is amazing that the Utterly Butterly girls unstrap themselves from their position and climb into the plane before it lands.

The wind started getting up so we decided to leave as soon as possible.  The marshalls did a fantastic job and got us off very quickly and we returned home in record time with a strong tail wind.
When we arrived back at the airfield we discovered a glider who had made a safe field landing on the strip and was positioned just off the runway and waiting to be collected.

Despite being quite cold, we both got wind burnt faces and were very tired after a most enjoyable air display and a great days flying.