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Flying with Martin

in our Vintage Cessna 170B

Contact us on GMDAY170B@aol.com or Martindayaviator@aol.com

These pages are a record of the flights we make in our beloved vintage single engine aeroplane.  It may also record other events that are "air related" 


We hope you enjoy reading about our outings as much as we do going on them.  

You may enjoy reading the pictorial story about how we found, bought and brought AY to England.  A very costly and nervous few months, but very necessary if we were to get the type of plane that Martin really wanted

What does Jan get up to when she is not pushing planes and falling flat in the mud, (ever keen to add humour to the day!) making coffee and cakes, making aeroplane covers out of old sheets, mowing lawns and the odd spot of gardening, attending U3A activities, daily household chores............... well she is climbing her family tree
And when Martin is not flying his full sized plane he is in his designated "model making shed" making new or modifying old models.
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