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Outings in 2009   - All flights from and to our home base
Always the optimist, and assuming we can make lots of flights in 2009
1 January Popham New Year fly in.  Grey day and not too many planes turned up for flyn.  We obtained permission and performed a nice low pass as we flew home
15 February VAC Valentine Turweston cancelled so flew to Henstridge
21 March Flew to Bembridge.  Visibility around island rather poor, we walked down to harbour for lunch
26 April Local flight then onto White Waltham for lunch
9 May G-VFWE flyin weekend at Kemble
23 May Turweston and the onto a flyin at Leicester for lunch
28 June First running-in flight following a top end overhaul during the annual.  We flew around for a while and then landed at Popham
5 July Local flight and then into Popham for lunch
25 July Landed at Henstridge.  Then tried to fly to Dunkeswell but weather unsuitable, rain and low cloud and flew to Popham
2 August Local flight
14 August Flew to White Waltham for lunch with friends
5 September Local flight with friend.  Attempted to get to Henstridge but turned back at Shaftesbury due to bad weather
13 September Landed at Henstridge for coffee and then onto Watchford Farm for a Devon Strut fly in.  Enjoyed a wonderful Devon spread for lunch.  Our friend who normally flies the Tiger Moth from White Waltham came with us
27 September Flew to Bembridge.  Walked down to harbour for lunch and then along the beach to lifeboat station and back to airfield to fly home
10 October VAC flyin to Sackville Farm for the usual excellent BBQ
18 October Flew to White Waltham for lunch with friends, John and Sue.  Paul with the Bulldog also joined us for lunch
19 October Biennual local flight
7 November Flew to Popham after lovely flight along the South coast and up following the River Arun past Arundel castle