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5 November 2006 - Lashenden
Bonfire Day dawned.  We had already attended two bonfire and firework displays, Godalming on the Friday evening and Cranleigh on the Saturday.  Jan loves her fireworks, so we did not want to go too far as we had planned to visit Dunsfold Village that evening.  The days are so short now anyway.
With no suitable flyins or free landing vouchers we decided to visit Lashenden.  It is always a lovely flight there, however upon arrival at the airfield we were met by low lying mist and fog.  We thought we would get into the air and perform a couple of circuits just to see what it was like.
After a short while we realised that it was quite patchy and we would see how far we could go.  We flew past Lasham and saw quiet a few gliders waiting to be launched

Lasham airfield

By the time we reached the Guildford area it was quite clear, so we continued until we met the usual railway line that took us through the hop fields and Oast houses soon we saw Lashenden airfield.  

Lashenden airfield

Calling them up we were informed that there was parachuting, model aircraft flying taking place so we needed to take extra care.  We landed on runway 29 and taxied to the pumps.  Filled up with fuel and left the plane on the line.  The parachutist plane was about to take off.

Parachuting plane

Heading for the control office we paid for a fuel, the landing fee being waived as we had taken on lots of fuel.
Then we made for the very welcome coffee and bacon rolls and watched the planes landing and the parachutists appearing high in the sky and floating down
A quick walk around the hangers and planes parked on the lines and sadly we realised that time was pressing on and we should return home
However the day was so lovely we returned, not along our usual route along the railway line but headed South to meet the coast between Hastings and Bexhill, then West along the coast, past Beachy Head, Newhaven to Brighton seeing what was left of the the promenade lost to fire.  

Brighton Pier devastated by fire

The cliffs were so white and tall.

White cliffs off the English South Coast

Then North to the South Downs, past Dunsfold airfield.
Then looking down on to the village to see the bonfire next to the village pond. We were due to be there at 7pm, then Alton around Lasham and Popham and home.

Dunsfold Airfield

Flying at this time of the year is always a bonus, but to have such a great flight was indeed real bonus.