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21 January 2006 - We made it to Dunkeswell

This time we did it! So many times in the past we have had to turn back through bad weather.

We woke and decided that the wind was acceptable and provided we chose a hard runway we would give flying a go.  Our friend Paul had taken his Bulldog to Cardiff as he was having some IMC renewal training, however a quick call to him suggesting we meet at Dunkeswell brought his usual response Ah yes!.

He quickly thought through his plans and we arranged to meet for lunch.  He had friends also flying from Cardiff that day, and a further group coming from Elstree and they all agreed to join us, it was going to be quite a party.

We arrived first and filled up with fuel and headed for the cafe for a coffee.  Shortly after the others arrived and we spent a great time talking, eating and exchanging stories.

Despite the excellent company, all good things must end and we all had fair journeys back to our bases, so we said our goodbyes and headed our separate ways.

The temperature was definitely dropping and we were rather pleased to get back and pack away the aeroplane and head home.  It is always a bonus when the weather in January allows flying.