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2 January 2006 - First outing of the year - Henstridge

Sadly we missed flying on 1 January as that dreaded North wind blew just too strong.  So our plans to attend the flyins at Compton Abbas and Popham had to be abandoned.

However the forecast for Bank Holiday Monday was looking good and we had not flown in a while so we were rather keen to get up in the air if at all possible.  The day dawned and there was little wind and not much fog, so we thought we would give it a go.

We uncovered the plane and our friend John, who normally flies in the Tiger Moth arrived at the airfield, he was going to fly with us.  I telephoned Dunkeswell and they confirmed their weather was good, they were open and they had fuel.

We took off and were delighted to see bright skies and good visibility, with some fluffy clouds that looked as if they had long fingers or tendrils stretching over the countryside.  Quite strange but beautiful.  However as we got nearer Dunkeswell the weather got progressively worse and at least two other pilots reported aborting their plans to land at Dunkeswell due to the weather.  We did not wish to get "stuck" there, although it is rather a nice part of the country, so we turned around and headed for Henstridge, where we landed.  We took on fuel and had a welcome cup of coffee and bacon bap.

Planes on the line
There were quite a few other fliers in the club house all enjoying the delights of Henstridge.  It was interesting to see a notice asking for new homes for the chickens roaming the airfield, and stating NOT for the roasting tin.  We wondered why they were strutting about outside the tower.
Hens at Henstridge

Days are still rather short so we headed for home before the light got worse, a quick look towards Dunkeswell made us believe we had taken the best decision, it did not look good.  We will go there another day, and just be grateful for a safe flight today in light winds and just a few glimpses of the sun.  We even saw our first hot air balloon of the year flying towards Middle Wallop.

Thanks John for joining us, it was a great flight.