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7 October 2006 - Sackville farm
Determined to go to this VAC flyin we telephoned Friday evening and were informed it would take place on Saturday as hoped.  Sunday had been an option if bad weather on Saturday
We arrived at the airfield and prepared AY taking off at 9:30am initially for Popham to obtain some fuel.
After a quick coffee we started to taxi at 10:25am and immediately saw our friends Lionel and John taxiing their Jodel to the hold.  We waved and signalled that they could put the kettle on for us at Sackville.

G-AXLS with Lionel and John onboard ready to fly to Popham

We followed shortly.

Taking off from Popham

After flying North past Newbury, Greenham Common, Didcot to Buckingham and then changed heading going North East to fly North of Milton Keynes, Olney and on to Sackville Farm

Greenham Common

There was a stiff wind almost down runway 31.  We were pleased to see a few planes had already landed including our friends John and Paul in the Tiger Moth.

Landing at Sackville Farm

Parking the plane we headed off to the club house for another coffee and natter.  Tony at Sackville Farm produced another magnificent Barbeque after which we staggered over to walk the line and see all the other planes that had arrived.

G-PLIV NOT taken at Sackville

One of the planes was a Pazmany PL-4A G-PLIV.  We were very interested to see this plane as the husband of one of Jan's friends was building one in his garage. This picture of G-PLIV was NOT taken at Sackville Farm
Unfortunately the days were getting short and the wind was increasing so at 3:25 we took off for home