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17 December 2007 - Isle of Wight - Sandown then Popham
Two years ago on 17 December on the anniversary of 100 years of powered flight we landed Sandown and then White Waltham.  Gosh where have those two years gone?
This time we arrived at the airfield and found fog rolling over the hills.  Oh no had we made the long journey for nothing?  We telephoned Sandown and discovered they were in sunshine and clear skies, so we prepared AY and prayed.  By the time we were ready and had fully checked the plane, we attempted to start her.  I think she saw the fog and so oh no.  Not like her she usually starts first attempt.  Anyway, by the third attempt the fog was definitely dispersing, she fired and after suitable run ups we were on our way.
We headed South and soon the Island was in sight. We flew past Portsmouth and could see the Spinnaker clearly.  Jan had recently visited the Tower and climbed to the crows nest.

Portsmouth and Spinnaker

We decided to fly around the island as it was so calm and visibility great. The little estuaries on the North side of the Island showed up well. 

Western end of Isle of Wight

We circled around the Needles, the cliffs looked so white.


Then we headed along the South of the Island until we were within range of Sandown.  We had already made an initial call before we left the mainland so knew the runway and airfield details.  We called up again giving our intention to joined the circuit and land.  All the runway was available for use, despite the recent rain, but it was suggested we landed high up the runway and to the right hand side. We landed safely and taxied to the pumps and filled up with fuel.

Sandown runway

Sandown airfield

Sandown airfield

We then moved the plane to the requested parking place conveniently outside the clubhouse. 

Martin with AY in front of clubhouse

We paid landing and fuel fees in the Tower and then off for wonderful bacon baps and coffee.  We met a friend we had not seen in a while and chatted.  He has now given up flying and moved to the Island and bought a vintage car.  He and his fellow enthusiasts meet regularly at the airfield.  We popped out to the car park and looked at the cars, they were wonderful.

Then sadly the time had come to leave so we took off for home.  On the way we listened to Popham, they were very busy and we discovered that our friend John was there with his Tiger Moth, so we landed to say hi. 

Popham airfield

After coffee and a chat Martin helped start the Tiger Moth and then walked with its wing onto the runway.  We took off for home shortly after. 

Martin walking the wing of FM

Once again we were grateful for a December flight and remembered two years ago when we went to Sandown and White Waltham and all that had happened in 102 years of powered flight.
Yes, we are old, but not quite that old.  Happy Christmas to everyone.