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16 July 2006 - Devon Strut fly in on Lundy Island
For many years as a child Jan holidayed camping at Croyde Bay looking out at Lundy Island.  She often thought she would like to visit the island but never did.  So she was rather excited at todays final destination
Having telephoned the evening before, the organisers assured us that we did not need to remove our "pants" and that the right hand side of the runway was free of rabbit holes.
So having set the alarm clock 6:00 am we rose early and headed for the airfield.  We were in the air by 9:30 and heading West.
Unusually Martin flew higher than normal taking advantage of what tailwind was available.  We flew past Henstridge, making excellent time

There is no fuel on Lundy so we stopped off at Eaglescott for coffee and to fill the tanks with fuel.

Lundy Island is but a short hop from there, in fact 10 miles off the coast in the Bristol Channel.  Lundy is three miles long an half a mile wide.  They were using runway 06 with a right hand circuit so we hopefully got some good footage on the video

Successful landing and being met by such friendly people made the early start and effort to get over the "fear" factor all well worth while.  Fantastic BBQ and thoughtfully selling stamped postcards.  Just right to send to the family, even offered the loan of a pen.

Now refreshed we headed off to climb he old lighthouse.  One hundred and forty seven steps and on the last lap the steps were so narrow.  But oh boy what a fantastic view we had of the airfield and the island from the top.  Well worth all that puffing and panting.  We were delighted to see the Birddog take off and perform a fast fly past at the level of the top of the lighthouse.  He circled over the sea and back over the runway before waggling his wigs and off to the mainland.  Why did we not have the video working at that time.  .

Not finding a lift we headed back down and then across the fields to the pub and shop and to find the postbox

An ice cream from the shop which opens between 1:00 and 3:00 on a Sunday and a look around the pub before we headed back to the airfield

There are twenty three self catering cottages on the island, definitely worth thinking about for the future.

Back at the airfield planes were still landing, last count we heard was 59 but I am sure that rose above 60 

We took off and headed for Woolacombe, passing Ilfracombe, Lynmouth and on to Minehead before heading inland and home.  Fantastic day, but exhausted