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6 August  - PFA Rally Kemble
The Popular Flying Association hold a weekend rally each year.  This year commenced on Friday 4 August and was due to extend till Sunday 6 August.
Flyers come usually from all over Europe and many tents are erected by the side of their owners planes allowing them to tour the attractions at leisure.
Sadly over the last few years there seem to be fewer planes and definitely fewer stands offering their goods. This year many of the well known names were missing.
The weather is of course a big factor in plane attendance and this year it was not kind.  We were determined to go to support a colleague who had braved the weather from Czechoslovakia bringing a new plane to the show.
We decided the Sunday was likely to be better weather and made arrangements.  We flew the suggested route and were amazed to be the only plane in the hold, and heard only one other in the circuit.  It started to rain as we landed, we were surprised to see so few plane on the ground.

We parked, booked in and went to look for our friend Keith.  We soon found him showing visitors the maps he had used and explaining his route across Germany and France and the fun times he and his co-pilot had encountered.

We were then given a guided tour over the aeroplane and were impressed, although of course for Martin it was too modern and the third wheel was in the wrong place! Many visitors also showed great interest and we understand that some left deposit cheques and others wished to fly the plane during its round Britain tour before finally deciding. We wish Keith and his colleagues a successful trip around Britain and a safe journey back to Czechoslovakia.

We then visited all the others stands, well those that had attended!    However it did give us an opportunity to look at all the visiting aeroplanes, again a disappointing turn out and so few from abroad.

Quite a few people turned up by car and we bumped into quite a few "old" friends and exchanged news.  Pilot magazine took pictures of landing planes, we visited their stand to discover they had taken two of AY.  We extended our Pilot subscription and obtained both, they were very good. 

The PFA Rally used to be a "must" attend event in our calendar of flyins, but with the rise in entry fees, fewer planes attending and even fewer stands to view we may sadly think twice next year. We returned to AY having booked out easily, in previous years there was always a queue. 

Although generally, the rally was disappointing we enjoyed ourselves, dodging the showers, chatting with friends and looking around the planes.  It is always good to fly.