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8 July 2006 - VAC Anniversary fly in to Sandown Isle of Wight
This being the the first flight after AY passed her C of A we decided not to go too far.  We arrived and fitted her "pants" back on and checked her out carefully  We needed fuel and so decided the short flight to Popham would give us the reassurance that there were no problems.  We remembered the oil leak last year !
We landed, refuelled and checked her out again and were delighted to find all was well.  Our friends in the Tiger Moth were flying later that afternoon to the VAC flyin at Sandown so we decided we would join them
We had an uneventful journey down, Martin must know that route like the back of his hand. On landing we enjoyed a bacon roll and coffee.  The restaurant still offer this at as a quick food option.  If they do not serve it up within 15 minutes of ordering then your landing fee is refunded.

Other planes arrived and by 2:30pm we gathered around one of the hangers at the back of the field where a company of men all with a wealth of experience in mending Spitfires.  We were given a guided tour and the men were amazed at the machinery available and their technical expertise.

We returned to the clubhouse and drank cold drinks waiting for the Tiger Moth to arrive.  John and Sue were staying the night under canvas.  We had decided to return later that night after the promised BBQ
The weather was definitely worsening and having eaten we took off and headed for home, arriving just before the rain started.  I am sure AY appreciated her clean covers