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Outings in 2007
1 January We visited Popham by car on the way to fly AY when we discovered Popham airfield was closed.  Such a shame as it was a wonderful day to fly, but if Popham was closed then our airstrip was likely to be very wet also.
14 January Meeting friends at White Waltham
3 February Set off for Compton Abbas but ended up at Popham
4 February Rubber model flying competitions
10 March Compton Abbas
27 March Isle of Wight, Sandown
19 April Medical passed and aeroplane tailwheel reconditioned
21 April Isle of Wight, Bembridge
29 April Set off for Plymouth but ended up at Henstridge
20 May G-VFWE at Hullavington
Brought our annual holiday forward this year to coincide with AY's annual.  We went to France as usual but our destination was a 17th century cottage near Pau in the Pyrenees.  We visited many French airfields.  Glad to say AY is back in the hanger and ready to fly if only this rain would stop.
Hey someone finally turned the tap off at last

7 July Popham PFA flyin
8 July Hoped to go to Devon Strut Flyin at Farway Common.  It was cancelled so we went to Bembridge
24 July Birthday flight to Henstridge
28 July Vintage aircraft club flyin to Silverstone
5 August Devon Strut Treborough flyin
25 August G-VFWE at Henstridge
30 August Biennial flight successfully completed
2 September Brimpton fly in
8 and 9 September

Offending broken spring - click to enlarge

Devon Strut flyin to Belle Vue and Watchford Farm - Sadly despite arriving early at the airfield, in performing our pre flight checks we discovered the spring in the pilot's door catch was broken and therefore making locking the door impossible.  So back home we searched for advice on how to mend without de-riveting the assembly
12 September Escaping to the Island 
23 September Bourne Park Annual BBQ
6 October VAC flyin to Sackville Farm
10 October Smithwood Common model flying
20 October White Waltham for lunch
27 October Attempting VAC Halloween flyin at Leicester
25 November A day at Dunkeswell - a peaceful flight!!

Click to enlarge - Bobs Cessna for sale

News of a Cessna 170 for Sale

Bob who sold us AY, which was one of his planes has announced that reluctantly he has now put his other Cessna 170 up for sale.  

He wishes $46,000.  The engine has done 130 hours. 

Any one interested please let us know and we will pass on your details to Bob.



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Click to enlarge - Cessna instrument panel