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26 August 2006 - Great Vintage Flyin at Henstridge
This is an airfield we always enjoy visiting and the Great Vintage events are always well organised.  We arranged to take our friend Paul with us as his Bulldog is still not airworthy.  
We arrived at the airfield and got the plane ready taking off fairly early with three on board.  We flew over Chilbolton being reminded of the visit Paul had arranged for us early in the year.  The fields around were brown and bare.

Then on to Henstridge, along the usual well rehearsed route where we had the crosswind confirmed as far greater than we would like.  We asked for a straight in and since only one other plane was landing we had our request granted.  We gave way to that plane and positioned for landing on runway 25.

Martin brought us down safely and we taxied to the fuel pumps.  He then admitted that the wind was greater than he would really have liked.  We declared it was good practice!! The flyin was in aid of the flying ambulance, stationed at Henstridge, so landing fees went to a good cause.

Martin's son Alastair and his girlfriend Sophie arrived shortly after we landed and we all had burgers and coffee which were very good and a look around the stalls.  Martin then took Alastair and Sophie for a ride over their house and surrounding district, while Jan and Paul enjoyed a quite coffee and a chat with the owner of the interesting plane registration G-NDPA. He explained that flyers tended not to realise the significance.  I did immediately so ...........
A flying display by a jet model was amazing, it smelt and sounded just like the larger version and performed some wonderful manoeuvres.  There were some beautiful examples of vintage cars and we spent some time admiring them and talking with their owners. 
We were informed that about 60 planes attended, not as many as they had hoped for or had attended in previous years, but considering the crosswind and showers it turned out to be a great day.
On the way home we saw what must have been about twenty gliders, we lost count.  The sky seemed full of them at one point.  We remembered that Lasham had a competition on that day.  Thanks Paul for joining us it was a most enjoyable day.