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6 August 2006 - Treborough
The Devon Strut organise some wonderful flyins and we attempt to go to many of them.  We last went to Treborough in 2004.
We went to the airfield hoping that the weather would hold out.  We took off and headed West and soon the cloud built up and we were beginning to wonder whether we would make it.  By Shaftesbury the visibility was diabolical, we called up Henstridge to ask what the weather was like there.  They were experiencing problems also.  We turned sadly for home but not wanting to be disappointed we decided to head North for the railway line and see whether following it might lead us to brighter weather.  This turned out to be a very good move as when we approached Crewkerne the clouds lifted and the sun appeared.
We then headed for Dunkeswell to obtain fuel.  They were using runway 35 with a right hand circuit.  This runway was unfamiliar to us.  We landed safely and taxied to the fuel pump and while waiting a helicopter handed nearly blowing AY around in a circle.  Jan hung on for dear life and Martin raced to assist her, he had been chatting to a fellow aviator.  After collecting fuel we decided to wait around until the helicopter had taken off before paying for the fuel and landing fee and getting a cup of coffee.

Dunkeswell Runway 35

Half an hour later we headed North to Treborough and soon the two reservoirs were visible so we looked out for the airfield.  We were the fourth plane to arrive, but were very closely followed by many more.

Treborough airfield

We lunched on cheese rolls, cake and coffee.  Wonderful.  The weather stayed warm and sunny.  I guess there were about thirty planes in the end, a very good turn out.  The speed of wind grew during the afternoon and we were beginning to think we would make our exit when a couple who we had not met for a very long time walked up the line of planes to us.  We stayed to chat and exchange news, very pleased to see them again.  Eventually as all good things must come to an end we said our goodbyes and headed home.

Lunch at Treborough

The calm sea air had travelled well into land and made the start of our journey quite easy.  Then we hit the rough air, that was fun! We flew past Glastonbury Tor.

Glastonbury Tor

We landed home safely, very tired but happy