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27 February 2006 - A trip to White Waltham

Every time the weekend arrives the winds seem to go around to the North and blow a gale, and we just cannot safely fly.  Is it a conspiracy?  However we found that we had a Monday free and the weather was great if a little cold, so off we went.

We had not been to White Waltham in a while, so we took off and decided to have a good fly around before we landed.  It was lovely to see the countryside beginning to show signs of Spring.  maybe the weather will get warmer soon.  Upon landing we were very pleased to see our old aeroplane HW sitting safely on the front line, maybe this summer we will see her fly!

We took on fuel and therefore we were offered a free landing, which is always helpful.  Excellent coffee and bacon rolls completed the White Waltham experience.  John of Tiger Moth fame arrived shortly after we had eaten and we decided to fly out together and I would attempt to take a video of FM.  It was very cold and John was soon telling us he was heading back.  We were cold in AY I can fully understand what he must have felt like in the open cockpit.

Great to escape again!