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15 April 2006 Almost Fenland - Turweston

We have missed so many VAC flyins this year we were very pleased to see the long range weather forecast on Monday 10th giving excellent weather for the following Saturday.  But we forgot about the "VAC curse"

Saturday came and the visibility was awful as we drove down the Hogsback.  It will get better before we get to the airfield I, the ever optimist informed Martin.  Having taken off it was clear I should have crossed my toes as well as my fingers the visibility was not good.  However we gave it a go.  Martin had plotted the heading the evening before so we set off.  Even finding our usual sightings of Newbury and Didcot Power Station was difficult.  Still we headed North as that morning we were reliably informed the best weather in the country was in the Midlands and East Anglia, or so the man on the radio said!

We passed Turweston and at Silverstone changed our heading to go across to Fenland, but it was soon obvious this was not a good idea, so we headed back to Turweston for lunch and see if things improved.  A quick telephone call to Fenland after lunch informed us the sun was out there but visibility was still not good.  Our friends in the Tiger Moth from White Waltham had contacted us to say they had turned back and were safely on the ground at White Waltham, although there were times when they thought they might have to land elsewhere.

We took off from Turweston informing the Tower we were making our second attempt to fly to Fenland, but before too long we radioed back saying no we were heading for home.  We got back just before the rain started.