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St Pancras (continued)
Wilkinson, David  b. a 1807, d. 1852
Wilkinson, David James  b. a 1834, d. 1878
Wilkinson, Eliza  b. a 1834
Wilkinson, Ellen  b. a 1837
Winters, Thirza Bowers
Witt, Ada C  b. a 1862
Witt, Bertram N  b. a 1879
Witt, Edwin F  b. a 1863
Witt, Emily M  b. a 1867
Witt, Fanny Millycent  b. 1855
Witt, Frank E  b. a 1869
Witt, Harry Q  b. a 1875
Witt, Jessie E  b. a 1861
Witt, Mabel Dora A  b. a 1877
Witt, Mary Eliza  b. a 1864
Witt, Reginald W  b. a 1873
Witt, William Benjamin  b. a 1828, d. 8 Nov 1915
Witt, William Charles  b. 1855