Flying with Martin

in our Vintage Cessna 170B

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Outings in 2015- Always the optimist, and assuming we can make lots of flights in 2015
22 February Just pleased to be in the air
30 April A bumpy flight to White Waltham for lunch.  Wind a little too strong for our liking but excellent visability
30 May Aero Expo in Sywell our annual visit
4 July LAA and Devon Strutt Fly in at Dunkeswell.  Meeting friends, first time this year to meet up with Paul and his Escapade. 
9 July First trip of the year to Isle of Wight.  Took friend to Sandown, and the usual walk to the beach, lunch in the cafe back
along the front and an ice-cream before the trek up the hill, over the railway and through the golf course
19 July Long flight to Lashenden in Kent, rather lumpy but beautiful views.  Lots of activities when we got there. 
Tiger Moth performing aeros, lots of parachuting and a wonderful Museum to look around.
6 September Glad we chose Sunday to visit the LAA Rally at Sywell.  Definately the best day weatherwise.  Good day meeting up with
friends and nice flight both ways.Please AY performed well after her annual rather expensive but essential check up with
17 September Short trip to Popham.  Martin then took his exciting biannual with Chris, then a difficult journey back home with the
low sun directly in our eyes.  Pleased to have AY's annual, Martin's biannual and Martin's medical over.  Now for a prayer
for good weather and light winds, so we can enjoy lots of flying before winter sets in.
25 October Flight to Compton Abbas for lunch and to see old planes.  Beautiful Autumn colours, calm weather.
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