Flying with Martin

in our Vintage Cessna 170B

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Outings in 2017- Always the optimist, and assuming we can make lots of flights in 2017
29 April Great to be back in the air, even if it was a little cold.  Flew to VAC flyin at Turweston. 
Gosh the airfield has changed since our last visit, excellent restaurant
21 May We planned to go to a flyin at Popham to meet up with friends.  First we went for a
fly around as it was a nice, although breezy day.  It started off quite cold but progressed
to a very sunny but still breezy day, making the landing back home interesting!!
1 June Flew to Wycombe Airpark to Aero Expo.  Very warm day but enjoyable.  Met lots of people
not seen in a while, bought some new maps and new Pooleys flight guide.  Chatted to some
nice gentlemen about radios and saw lots of planes.  Good day
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