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27 July 2008 - VAC Silverstone
The VAC were invited to put aeroplanes on ground display during the Silverstone Vintage and Classic car weekend.  We decided to go on Sunday when our friends Jed Mackie and John Morley were attending.  The day was forecast to be very hot and even early in the morning the air temperature was high and the rate of climb noticeably poor.  At Silverstone we landed on the hard runway and parked along with several aircraft already on the ground

Arriving at Silverstone and keeping south of runway and away from the helicopters

We were pleased to see some old friends we had not seen in a while.  Lionel and John arrived in their Jodel from Popham.  We headed off to see the huge numbers of cars.  Rows of Red Ferraris, Aston Martins, Porsches, AC Cobras and many other exotic machines

A boat or a plane or just 007's new vehicle

We then found some more sedate cars

We watched some of he racing and was particularly taken with a saloon car race containing a large herd of Mustangs.  As the time progressed the temperature increased and we found it necessary to shelter under the wing of AY.  We were so pleased she had big, high ones.

Trying to keep cool under AY's wing

We were treated to display of a Spitfire and Mustang and a Hawker Hunter.  Then Wingwalkers gave their display on Stearman biplanes.
We left in late afternoon and was reasonably pleased to be heading South again since some of the clouds in the local area were beginning to look a bit menacing