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11 October 2008 - Sackville Farm - VAC Flyin
The weekend of 4 and 5 October approached and as so often happens when a VAC flyin is arranged someone forgets to tell the weather 

Animations - cloud-01

Luckily the organisers for Sackville Farm had an Ace card up their sleeve they changed at the last minute the weekend to 11 and 12 October.  Cunning eh!!
On the day now chosen for the annual VAC fly in and barbeque the weather looked quite favourable apart from a considerable covering of fog in the South. We drove towards the airstrip but since the fog initially prevented flying we stopped off at Popham to talk with the Auster contingent of John Morley and Jed Mackie. Jed was displaying incredible agility in spite of a recently acquired broken ankle. Apparently he fell off the pavement and claimed to be sober at the time. John Coker was accompanying Jed to assist with the flying and driving.

After tea and biscuits in the hanger the fog at Popham started clearing quickly so we made our way to the airstrip only to find there was still dense fog in local area. As we got the aeroplane ready we met up with Max Robinson and John Hunt who were intending to fly somewhere and they decided to make for Sackville as well.

The fog finally cleared allowing us to get airborne where we discovered that as suspected the visibility was really good to the North, the fog having cleared there quite a lot earlier.

Routed to the North, passing Newbury, Didcot, Oxford, Bicester and Finmere. Changed heading at Buckingham passing, Milton Keens, overhead Olney, South of Podington until Sackville Farm was in sight. The meandering river Ouse, visible in the last few miles always looks really attractive from above.

Joined the circuit for runway 31 at Sackville Farm and although the wind was a fairly light Southerly it was almost at right angles to the runway. Any crosswind can turn our otherwise docile 170 into a challenge but today the landing was not too bad.

Since we had a late start there were many aeroplanes on the ground already but there were still may more to come.

Planes that arrived

With the barbeque underway there was a general gathering of people outside who were waiting to get a good position in the food queue, once it had formed

Chat before lunch

Was pleased to see Barbara Schlussler in her Evans VP-1 who had just had a letter published in pilot magazine urging common sense in the debate concerning a call for the mandatory use of radio in general aviation. I personally find it very sad that those people who are only comfortable in the air when they are in constant radio communication want all of us to be shackled in the same way.

Jed, complete with broken ankle was given VIP status and was transported from the Auster to the clubhouse by quad bike

Determined to fly foot in plaster

As always this event attracted a large collection of lovely aircraft including this beautiful example from the Miles stable

Miles M38 Messenger 2A

We were also treated to a large gathering of Fournier aircraft, which flew a formation circuit and departure.

This event is always well organised, the venue and the food fantastic and we have been very lucky on average with the weather over the past few years.

Eventually it was time to depart and it was a very pleasant drift across the English countryside to our home base