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31 May 2008- Light Aircraft Association Fly in - Devon Strut
The LAA flyin was set for both days over the weekend at Dunkeswell.  However the weather looked more favourable for the Saturday, so we opted to go then.  An early start got us airborne around ten o'clock, our friends were to follow later (they are night birds!) Weather on track was good as we routed via Stockbridge, South of Salisbury and North of Shaftesbury.  Beyond there the visibility fell away quite rapidly and we became aware that the weather was poor in the Yeovil area. 

Henstridge long final

Decided to divert to Henstridge and take on fuel giving the weather a chance to improve.  Always nice stop at Henstridge, but we were amazed at the amount of water in the fields surrounding the airfield.  We thought the locals had taken up growing rice!

Are these paddy fields?

After a welcome bacon bap and coffee we decided to attempt the rest of the journey to Dunkeswell.  The first part had a very low cloud base but when we reached the hills West of Chard the base went up with the hills.  Dunkeswell circuit was busy and we joined down wind, landing on runway 05.  We were on the ground just behind the Eggesford contingent of Nigel Skinner, Richard Webber and the rest of the Squadron.

Dunkeswell circuit

We were a long walk from the club house, but enjoyed viewing the planes on the line.  While having a snack we saw the fantastic Beech 18 start up and fly some low passes, making a magnificent sound.

Beech 18

We then met up with our friends, the two Pauls.  Paul S is famous for his Bulldog formation flying and Paul K has just purchased an Escapade so he spent ages on the Escapade stand talking with the experts and visualising where he hopes to be in ?? months time.  The debate goes on regarding how long it will take, where to build it and where to base it.  But it will be YELLOW.  To further celebrate Paul K's birthday the following day (1 June) we bought him an Escapade hat which he is proudly wearing in the picture below.

Paul S, Martin and Paul K (left to right)

On the way back to AY we met our good friend Maurice Bush who was playing hooky from building his newly acquired Sport Cruiser kit. On the return trip there was a sizeable rain shower around the Yeovil area which we cleared to the South.  The rest of the return flight was in calm air and very pleasant.