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10 February 2008 - VAC Valentine Fly in
The Vintage Aircraft Club had chosen a good day for their Valentine flyin to Turweston.  With clear skies and light winds we set off with an additional member on board, we were joined by John Coker whose usual plane the Tiger Moth was on its annual
The previous day we had Emailed Turweston of our intention and confirmed our departure by telephone on the day
The route took us over Didcot, past Oxford, Bicester, Finmere and we soon had Turweston in our sights.  The huge circuit was quite busy but we joined and landed without problems.

Turweston airfield

On arrival we discovered many planes had already arrived and they continued to arrive steadily throughout the day.  It was nice to see some unusual planes there like the Broussard and the Dragon Rapide
This was definitely the greatest number of aircraft that we had seen at Turweston before and was a very successful flyin.  We all had hopes that this was setting the scene for the rest of the years events.  The one disadvantage with successful events was the length of the queue in the tea room, but the girls here worked hard and we soon had some refreshments.  Later in the day we were joined by John in the J1 Auster from Popham and later still by Paul in the Bulldog from Bourne Park.
This was our first experience of the year of real sunshine and warmth on an airfield.  Long may it last

Cathy and Vron with their Valentine roses.  Shame they had to provide them for themselves!