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VAC flyin Sandown - Isle of Wight - 28 June 2008, and as it turned out 29 June 2008
Arriving at the airfield we were delighted to see our old plane HW in for service

HW at Bourne Park

We were hoping to attend the VAC flyin and BBQ at Sandown but somewhat concerned about the wind strength.  We took off in an increasing South Westerly which was even higher at Sandown but straight down the runway.  On the way across the Solent we could see the many yachts involved in the round the island race.  Guess they were finding conditions quite lively in the strong winds.

View of Sandown Airfield

Joining the circuit we saw our friends had survived their first night camping by their plane and they were awaiting our arrival

Finals on Runway 23

We landed on Runway 23 and were pleased when the plane finally stopped rolling.  We filled the tanks with fuel and parked the plane behind the hangers

AY parked at Sandown

After a while John Morley arrived in his Auster and he joined us for some lunch in the caravan behind the burned out restaurant. 

Resting outside the tents

The boys exhausted sunk into chairs for a cool drink and a chat, before the guided tour around the Spitfire manufacturing facility on the airfield.  Paul Loveday who organised the excellent weekend had arranged the tour and it was incredible to see such a high standard of sheet metal fabrication
The wind showed no signs of decreasing so declining our friends offer to share their tents for the night we headed off up the hill to find a recommended B&B. We found Copperfield Lodge and were offered a double room with ensuite shower room.  Jan and Roy even lent us a torch in case we returned in the dark.  We joined the VAC group for a welcome BBQ and chatted late into the evening

Hungry waiting for the BBQ

We enjoyed our stay at the B&B having a wonderful breakfast before we returned to the airfield.  If you ever go to the Isle of Wight we can thoroughly recommend staying with Jan and Roy
We did not hang around as the wind was still quite strong and may get worse as the day progressed. Our return flight was uneventful until we got close to the airfield, where the large crosswind component was promising an exciting landing.  Martin skilfully landed AY on the second attempt