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6 October - VAC flyin to Sackville Farm
Determined to get into the air and always please to attend the VAC flyin at Sackville Farm we headed off to the airfield in good spirits but rather murky conditions.  We arrived at the airfield with fingers crossed and got the plane ready.  On climb out we realised the visibility was going to make the flight difficult but not impossible.  Heading North and passing Newbury we looked for Didcot Power Station our usual landmark.  Frequently this is visible for many tens of miles but today we were quite close before it appeared in the murk. Continuing North we passed abeam Oakley but the next part of the journey to overhead Buckingham produced the worst visibility. At Buckingham we changed heading and travelled in an Easterly direction as visibility slowly improved.  Passing overhead Olney it was reassuring to see the church and the meandering river that crossed our track in several places, giving good navigation confidence.  Podington soon came into view, fortunately in the right place allowing us to head directly towards Sackville Farm.  The very sad looking airfield at Bedford gave us final positioning to locate Sackville.  As we descended through the overhead Jan in her excitement to take a good picture lost the battery from her camera which ended up on the floor out of reach, so no good overhead pictures - sorry.

Sackville Farm, glider boxes clearly visible

On landing parked next to John Steiner and his Cessna 140 and were swiftly joined by one of the owners of the Cessna 180 G-BTSM.  It is not often you see three good examples of the Cessna family together.

Three members of the Cessna family 140, 170 and 180

We then walked towards the clubhouse and impressed to see Richard Webber in his Chryslea Skyjeep G-AKVR.  Richard is based at Eggesford and to have flown that distance in the conditions would have been incredible.  It tuned out he had flown into Enstone the day before and camped overnight and travelled on to Sackville this morning.

Chryslea Skyjeep G-AKVR

Planes from all directions were now coming in fast, the weather improving by the minute.  We headed for the clubhouse to sign in and enjoy a welcome coffee.  Soon we were invited to partake of the excellent BBQ always a good one at Sackville. 

This gave us plenty of time to chat and exchange stories and helping walking the food off by reviewing all the parked planes, before some started to head for home.

One very interesting plane built and owned by Barbara Schlussler an Evans VP-1 Series 2 G-BGLF was one of the early leavers

Evans VP-1 G-BGLF

Cathie and Veronica set off later

Cathie and Vron

The two Tigers G-ANFM and G-AYPJ often meet at airfields



We understand nearly forty planes had attended this enjoyable event.  Sadly we also had to head for home, better visibility, and very calm.  A great day and always a bonus this late in the year.