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29 April 2007 - Set off for Plymouth but ended up at Henstridge
We decided to attempt to attend our first Devon Strut flyin of the year.  We booked our slot as required with Plymouth, and heard that they were CAVOK with bright sunshine.  We were disappointed that visibility was so poor where we were flying.
We flew past Chilbolton, up over the River Test, Stockbridge, and on to Salisbury.  Then passing Shaftesbury we followed the railway line.  Visibility was still much to be desired.  The plan was to fly along the South Devon coast but as we got close, almost to Axminster, we came across thick coastal fog.  Not good.
 We tried to contact Plymouth but were out of range.  We decided to turn back and call into Henstridge for fuel and lunch. 

Henstridge airfield

We contacted Plymouth using our  mobile phone upon landing at Henstridge to cancel our slot.  It was good to be back at Henstridge again and wonderful to see aviation related constructions being erected on the airfield instead of house building.

Hangers in construction at Henstridge

After a pleasant stop over we headed for home.  The wind was by now quite strong and blowing from the North East  Not a good direction for landing on our strip as it suffers from curl over with the wind in this direction.
Our first attempt was mildly exciting from a passengers point of view.  my thoughts being, oh well I won't have to get any oil off the belly of the plane.  I thought the leaves we were so close to must have done that job for me.  Martin's expertise brought us down safely at the second attempt.