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28 July 2007 - Vintage aircraft flyin to Silverstone
The Vintage aircraft club was invited by Silverstone to flyin to their Classic car weekend - reliving racing's golden years.
We were invited to flyin before 10:30 so it was an early start for us.  We made our earliest take off time of 8:45am and headed North.
Amazingly the visibility was very good and we soon saw the familiar landmarks.  Sadly we also saw some of the floods that have been in the news recently.  As we flew along the River Thames we saw a caravan park that had succumbed to the water

Caravan park under water

and even worse areas

River Thames in flood

Calling up Silverstone we understood they were using runway 24 with a left hand circuit.  It may have been an early start for us, but Silverstone was already buzzing.

Silverstone with runway 24 inside the course

Joining the circuit overhead we found we were the only ones in the circuit so were able to get a good view of the field.  We had not landed here before.

Silverstone runway

After safely landing we were directed through the trees to part of a disused runway and invited to park.  We had previously been asked to send some details about the plane and this was typed up and placed on heavy card and placed in front of the plane for all to read.

Proud Martin in front of AY with write up on stand

Since we were the first Vintage aeroplane to arrive we were given "pole" position.  We were very pleased we had spent so much time cleaning AY earlier in the week.
We headed off to see some of the cars, far too many to consider showing all but Martin particularly liked the D type Jaguar

D type Jaguar

and all men love the red Ferraris

Lines of Red Ferraris

We then watched some of the races, it was lovely to see all types of car drive on the track during the day.

Cars on the race track

We had lunch and headed back to AY where we spent the rest of the day pottering up the lines of 27 aeroplanes and chatting or sitting watching the cars race by.

One row of the vintage planes - AY in "pole" position

We were wind burnt, tired but agreed it was quite an experience coming to Silverstone.  Our thanks to Paul for organising not only the venue but for breaking the VAC Rain curse.  A great day.