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26 June 2005  - Almost Badminton

We were very excited as this was to be the first Vintage aircraft flyin that we were actually going to make.  Previously the weather had prevented us making any of the meets.

We fuelled up at Popham and taxied to the area in front of the Popham Control Tower to pay.  We watched Jed and John "M" take off on their way to the flyin.

Then disaster struck we discovered that we appeared to still had an oil leak.  We had coffee and chatted to several friends who all had opinions about where this leak maybe coming from.  We even had them peering under the cowling with the engine running.  But no real ideas.

Where does the oil come from?
We watched two Tiger moths land having decided they could go no further on their "around" Britain trip.  Our friend John "C" who flies the yellow Tiger from Waltham would certainly have loved to see them.  So here is a picture John, just for you.
Tigers at Popham

Since we were not able to go to Badminton we returned home, missing out on the prepaid barbacue and landing at a lovely spot.  So that the day was not completely lost we went to the local pick your own farm and bought some strawberries and gooseberries.  Lots of lovely crumbles are promised.

Not one of our best outings !!!